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Our Services

Dog Day Care

This service offers a full day of care for your dog, which will include two walks, a play session and socialisation with other dogs (if suitable). It is a great way to ensure the needs of your dog are met whilst allowing you to work without worry. Whether you use this service daily or for the odd day out, your dog will love the attention and chance to play with others.

We have purpose built kennels for the dogs to relax in between walks. We have an onsite enrichment area, which can be altered to suit individuals needs. Whether that be as many toys as possible or a nice comfy bed to lie on whilst having cuddles. The dogs will have access to a twenty acre enclosed field at least two times throughout the day so that they can walk, run and play as much as they like. All dogs will be given basic obedience training whilst attending the day care. This service offers great value for money when compared to a single dog walk.

A transport service can be offered at a small charge. Please contact us for details.

Deals are available when booking more than two full days or for multiple dogs from the same household.

Dog Walking

A great way to ensure your dog gets the exercise they need during the day, whilst allowing them to socialise and play. The service includes a collection and return. The price of the service is based on a minimum of an hour walk. However, this can be adjusted to suit your dog's requirements. We have access to a twenty acre enclosed field in which the dogs can run and play.

Deals are available when booking for multiple dogs from the same household.

We also offer Dog Day Trips to give your dog a fun and exciting day our with their friends. The day trips available are the beach, a country park with picnic or a river walk with swimming. If you want to join in the fun with your dog there are a couple of spaces available in the transport if booked early. Lots of photos will be taken throughout the trips so you can see how much fun was had. Plenty of snacks and drinks will be available at all times.

The rate will depend on the type of day trip you book


For the times when your dog needs a bit of a clean we can offer a full range of bathing services. We stock a variety of shampoos and conditioners, so that the most appropriate can be used on your dog.

We take both advance and last minute bookings, so that even when your dog decides to jump in the dirty water or roll in the muck you can still take them home clean. Just contact us and bring them in on your way back from the walk.

If you are unable to bring your dog to the centre but would like them to be bathed, then please contact us as we can offer a transport service for a small fee.

Options include a basic bath, de-flea treatment, brush, blow dry, nail clip, ear clean and eye clean. Deals are available when booking alongside the day care or walking services.


A grooming service is available based at the day care centre. Please be aware that we only offer a pet dog groom, it will not be a professional show cut. With that said, the grooming service will still make your dog look neat and tidy, whilst making them comfortable and cool in the summer months. All the dogs will be bathed and blow dried prior to grooming so that the best finish is achieved.

The service is available at both evenings and weekends. With a transport service for a small fee, so even if you cannot bring your dog they can still have their haircut.

Options include a basic clip, full groom, but there will be a small charge for further work required or for additional time needed to complete the groom to a high standard.

Home Assessments and Behaviour Training

Our Home Assessments are a great way of helping you to understand the best way to allow your new dog, no matter their age, to settle into your home. The assessments are offered for both new puppies and new rescue dogs. We will visit you at home prior to getting your dog to discuss all aspects of owning and living with a dog. This will include how to carry out basic training, such as toilet training, how to 'dog-proof' your house, what to feed them, the best forms of exercise and handling, and what equipment you will need.

A second assessment is offered for after you have brought your new dog home. This follow up session will be focussed on the individual dog and any issues that may have arisen. This may include introductions to other pets or interactions with children. Each of the individual sessions last approximately 1-2 hours and act as an invaluable tool to helping you settle your new dog into the house environment and teaching you how to interpret their behaviour.

The basic rate for the initial assessment is £25. The second assessment is charged at £25. When booking both sessions as a package the rate is £45.

We also offer individual Behaviour Training for when problem behaviours arise. We will work with you and your dog on a regular basis until the unwanted behaviour is corrected. The rate for these sessions are £25 per one hour session.

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